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Who We Are

Eliza Roza-Ché, Founder and Teacher


Eliza's soul-guided purpose is to teach, nurture and inspire as many people across the globe to live a whole-hearted life that is full of love and light.  She  is a qualified, multi-style yoga teacher with a Psychology degree. Her approach to teaching is holistic, dynamic, and layered. Her professional background is in broadcast television, so you can expect a dynamically creative approach to her teaching style.

Malcolm Ché, Co-Founder and Creative Technologist

Malcolm Ché, Toestand, Bikram Yoga, Immersive Learning, VR South Africa

Malcolm combines his studies in Psychology and his extensive experience in broadcast television, to harnesses the power of the moving image to affect meaningful change in the lives of people through VR technology. He loves collaborating with inspired people and would love nothing more than to get meaningful content on VR headsets around the globe, elevating human potential and consciousness.

What We Do

Yogaplus, Yoga+, Private yoga studio, Black girl yoga, yoga teacher, inclusive yoga

Yoga+ Private Yoga Studio

Our studio is based in Parktown West.  We offer premium private yoga classes and small VIP group classes.


Online Learning

We offer video based online learning, mixing yoga and psychology together in a unique and effective way.

Virtual Reality, Occupational Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Immersive, VR

VR Meditation and Mindfulness

We use Virtual Reality hardware and software to deliver personalised wellness experiences.

Frequently asked questions

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